Don’t lose sight.

Central Park, Santa Clara | 2016

I’m hoping that even with everything that’s happening between me trying to find a new job, trying to find a new place to live, trying to figure out what to do with my life, that I don’t lose sight of those taking care of me and supporting me this entire time. That I don’t lose sight of those who matter to me with the history we have and continue on.┬áIf I ever do lose sight, then I do hope I will see them around the corner, waiting for me because they know that sometimes I just need to walk at my own pace and catch my breath. But I don’t like holding them back, so if necessary then I hope I will also have the courage to let them go because I don’t want to be toxic and get them caught up in any of the bubbles that’s blinding me.


can you tell you’re hurting me?


I’m done. What’s the point of being considerate if I get shit for lying instead of being nice? What’s the point of telling the truth if I get shit for it and they want me to lie and pretend instead? Either way, I get shit for it. Either way, shit is talked behind my back by those who I thought I could call my friends, one who I thought I could call my best friend. Either way, I get hurt, so I’m done.