Banana slugs, and cold water, unpreparedness- Oh my!

Sanborn County Park – Saratoga, CA | 2017

Definitely one of the best spontaneous adventures I’ve had with these two. She let me step on her to cross over a part of the river. He helped me keep my balance while crossing over some loose logs. Sometimes I can’t “adventure” without these two, otherwise I end up falling into a stream. No lie, I definitely would have without them. I can’t keep my balance to save my life. Regardless how cold and unprepared we were for this visit to the park, we marched through the woods and got some great photos. We definitely plan to come back again, but most likely with the proper attire next time.



Model: Nicole S. | 2017

Much appreciation and love to the woman who was willing to be my model for the photoshoot. She doesn’t like her photo taken much and she doesn’t like a lot of angles, but she still lets me snap away while I convince her that it’s hard for me (every time) to choose “just one photo to upload”. (The process ends up taking a few hours, not including editing time!)

Thank you, Nicole.

Devouring at Devout

Niles – Fremont, CA | 2017

It was a beautiful cloudy day to come visit the area. A friend mentioned the coffee and I wanted to check it out. The place had minimalist aesthetics  and played nostalgic music. The pastries were sweet and delicious and the coffee was even more so- great combination. Devout has outside seating with cute lighting and colorful succulent plants hanging along the wooden fence. Definitely a cafe I’d enjoy coming back to.

One More Revival

Cuesta Park, CA | 2016

It’s tough to start on the right foot, let alone to start at all, once you leave your comfort zone. Unfortunately, I find myself thinking that maybe the highlight of my life has already passed, that maybe from here on it’s all downhill. I’d like to think that just because I feel dead inside, it doesn’t mean I can’t revive myself and start again. So right now I’m recuperating my life, and I’m going to embrace what the next few months will throw at me.


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Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose | 2016

Emily Malkauskas and Nate Brouwer doing yoga together one night in Downtown San Jose. These two were amazing! I didn’t want to be a creep and stare at them doing yoga together but they came up to me to take pictures for them, which worked out perfectly for me.

Nate has been doing yoga for at least a year and Emily is new to this but definitely picked things up quickly. These two were so cute together. She accidentally sneezed on him, due to being trapped being in the same position above him, and he didn’t mind at all! I love that he was totally chill about it and even joked about pretending it was just “the ocean breeze”.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to settle with using my phone. I’m hoping to see them some time in the future once more, and this time with my camera.

*Disclaimer: Used HTC One M8 phone to take this photo

Rodeo Beach – Sausalito, CA | 2016

I know, I know. We’re not wearing our shoes, but they’re in the corner of the towel bed we made. I haven’t been to the beach at all in 2016 yet and I do not even remember the last time I went to a beach, so this was quite refreshing regardless that it was a cloudy and very windy/chilly day. Thank you to my friends for taking me.